Small Card, BIG Results

2021 Rogers Public Education Foundation Major Saver Campaign

The Rogers Public Education Foundation will offer Major Saver cards for sale this February through the elementary and middle schools. Proceeds from the sale of Major Saver cards directly support the participating schools and Foundation.    


Major Saver cards can be purchased via cash, check or online at  The online sale can be credited back to a particular student and school.  All cards purchased online will be mailed directly to the customer. 

Major Saver cards can also be purchased, and credited to a student, through the Major Saver App.  Once the free app is downloaded to an Android or iOS device, buyers can choose a Major Saver card through the “buy cards” tab on the app.  Once the buyer completes the transaction the offers will be stored in the Major Saver App.  Buyers can then redeem offers directly from the app and do not need a physical card.

Major Saver stresses safe selling and discourages door to door campaigning. The company encourages students to sell to family members, church patrons, neighbors, other adults the family may know; and to always make sure their parents are involved.


Please consider purchasing one or more Major Saver cards this year to help benefit the Rogers School District and Rogers Public Education Foundation.


Thank you for your support!