George Merwin Outdoor Learning Grant

In his will, local outdoor enthusiast George Merwin left a portion of his estate to the Rogers Public Education Foundation with the directive that the money should “provide teacher grants in the area of outdoor education.” Mr. Merwin was passionate about sailing and water safety, and he annually opened his boat dock and its facilities to student groups.  He encouraged all people—young and old—to be active outdoor participants. 


This application should be used for the George Merwin Outdoor Education Grant (established in 2015, the Merwin Grant).  One Merwin Grant will be awarded annually.  The winner(s) will be announced in March. Applications can be for any dollar amount, but can not exceed $30,000.00. 


Projects supported by this grant should:


• Support educators and students working to increase student participation in active outdoor education.


• Create meaningful connections to the outdoor world.

*The deadline has passed

The RPEF welcomes others to consider the Foundation in their estate planning or to honor someone with a love for education and children.  Thanks for your consideration!

Jeff Belk, 2016 Merwin Recipient
"No Child Left Inside"
Deb Walter, 2017 Merwin Recipient
"Learning Starts on the Feet, Not the Seat"
Amy Lee, 2018 Merwin Recipient
"Getting Healthy Inside Starts With Going Outside"